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Philodendrongenus Philodendronapproximately species of stout-stemmed climbing herbs of the family Araceae, native to tropical America. The resin is also found on the stems, leaves, and roots of philodendrons. Its clumping growth habit types of philodendrons a shrub types of philodendrons it a handsome foundation or specimen plant. Usually, however, philodendrons germinate on trees. Brasil Philodendron Philodendron hederaceum 'Brasil' Brasil philodendron is a patented and especially fun vining type that has green leaves variegated with golden-yellow.

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Pheromones produced by the philodendrons may be similar to those produced by female beetles when they wish to attract males to mate. The part of the spadix that heats up is the sterile zone. Eight rats were injected with the stem extract and two of them died. Many forms of philodendron are available in cultivation.


The thermogenic reaction is triggered when concentrations of acetosalicytic acid form in the sterile zone. The beetles may be using scent to find the inflorescence when they are far away, but once within range, they find it by means of the infrared radiation. They allow the philodendron to attach itself to a tree or other plant, and they allow it to collect water and nutrients. The spadix is more often than not white and shorter than the spathe. Additionally, the aerial roots are also used for rope in this particular species. Three mice were used for each of the leaves and flowers; none of the mice died. The University of Chicago. A tribe in the Colombian Amazon is known to use Philodendron craspedodromum to add poison to the water, temporarily stunning the fish, which rise up to the surface, where they can be easily scooped up. They can also be oval, spear-shaped, or in many other possible shape variations. The split leaf philodendron, also known as Monstera deliciosa or the Swiss cheese plant, is often mistaken for a true philodendron because of its name and growth habit.

Crosses between two philodendrons in different sections can occur successfully. These same beetles could also pollinate other genera outside of philodendron, as well as outside of the family Araceae. Journal of Experimental Botany. Upright-growing philodendrons are just as types of philodendrons, but typically have larger leaves. Philodendron Brazil is a yellow variegated cultivar types of philodendrons Philodendron hederaceum. Philodendrons may not be the right choice for all households. The fruit is a white to orange berry. World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. The genus Philodendron could be classified further by means of differentiating them based on the pattern of thermogenesis observed, although this is not currently used. Small Prince of Orange plants are usually seen placed on a top level table while the large ones are commonly placed at the floor.

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Kunth Philodendron crassinervium Lindl. The philodendrons benefit from this symbiotic relationship because the males will eventually leave the spathe covered in pollen and repeat the process at another philodendron, pollinating it in the process and thus providing philodendrons a means of sexual reproduction. The plants can now be in open air and fertilized every four weeks. A window is then cut into the spathe and the water-pollen mixture is rubbed on the fertile female flowers.

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This may be because philodendrons have many geographic and time barriers to prevent any such cross pollination. Non-Climbing Philodendron Non-climbing philodendron, commonly known as self-heading philodendron or tree philodendron, are marked by large leaves held aloft on sturdy stems. Aerial roots used for attaching to trees tend to be shorter, more numerous, and sometimes have a types of philodendrons of root hairs types of philodendrons those used for collecting water and nutrients tend to be thicker and longer.


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