How to Care for an Easter Lily


I have a potted Easter lily from last year. I always try to get flowers from church also after Easter. By heyitsthao [28 Posts, Comments]. After the Flowers Fade As flowers fade and petals easter lily care dropping off a stem, use a sharp pruning shears to trim the stem by lopping off the blossom.

Easter Lily Care Tips

These are not always easy to get rid of but here is a link that has information on how to handle these pretty little things. Add to Guide Ask a Question. Lilies are bulbs and once they bloom, they die back every year. Fungi can't propagate in full sunlight.

Caring for Potted Easter Lilies

It prefers somewhat rich soil, fairly well drained, and full sun. Ad Protect it From Bright Light: I give it no special care and it is doing just fine. After her white Easter lilies died off, she saved them for the following spring. Fungi can't propagate in full sunlight. Avoid placing the plant near drafts or heating ducts. You could water less, scratch the soil surface to air it and bring the plant in full sunlight where Easter lily can grow. Looks like you have mushrooms growing in your pot. In colder climates, add a layer of mulch on top of the soil to protect the bulb from freezing.

By Sally [17 Posts, Comments]. Should I separate them, if so how? Now that Easter's come easter lily care gone, there's no need for your lily to fade. Here's a link on lily care: You will find lots of helpful information in this easter lily care What can I do for this plant to make it grow strong and healthy? Have something to add? It should be allowed to continue to grow.

Give it a balanced half strength water-soluble fertilizer every two weeks to promote the growth of foliage. Growing Easter Lilies Indoors March 13, 0 found this helpful.

And for proper drainage, you might want to remove the decorative foil most potted Easter lilies come in. You will find lots of helpful information in this article: Transplanting Lilies Outdoors After all danger of frost has passed, select a sunny location for transplanting your lily-one protected from the wind and in warm climates, protected from extreme heat.

Grow your own lily bulbs from the Kiwi Gardener

You may get lucky and see a second bloom this season, otherwise be prepared to wait until next summer or the right conditions. Comment Was this helpful? December 20, 0 found this helpful. Ad Easter lilies can be grown indoors indefinitely, but it's difficult easter lily care get them to bloom a second easter lily care if they spend their time inside.


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