Staking Orchid Spikes


Hi,thanks for all of your info. I noticed I think is a root coming out of the hole orchid spike growth the bottom of the pot. Nat April 24, 4:

Orchid keiki Vs. new growth

Hi Hannah, I think my orchid is a phal, one of the common ones from the grocery store. Why do my flowers fall off within a week?! Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

When and How to Stake an Orchid Spike

People do it because it looks nice but if you just let it grow naturally it will not stand up as straight and may even grow down. Jeanne January 11, 8: Do I have to feed my orchids while blooming and while showing up spikes and with buds? Just be careful to not cut a leaf that has a scrape on it or something like that because even though they may be not nice to look at they are still supporting the plant. Lance January 11, 5: You can get rubber coated metal ones at http: Tricia, I would love to help? Sap is not normal.

Happy Holidays and congrats, Hannah. They were either damaged before I got them or split orchid spike growth an already small tear. Sarah November 10, Hi I personally would cut the bloom stem down to the base once the blooms all fall off orchid spike growth when it blooms again sends up a new spike it will be from an entirely different spot on the orchid. I just orchid spike growth guide the stakes down and kinda wiggle them. The spike is now roughly 4 inches long and the shape of a parenthesis so I think I should start to stake it as you say, but I am wondering first about the angle of sunlight. HI, I absolutely love your blog! Sounds good and you are welcome! You do not have to have a Kindle in order to view it. But…when should you stake the spike?

Hi Kevin, Can you send me a picture at myfirstorchid gmail. John November 9, 4:

Orchid Flower Spike or Root?

I really appreciate your blog. Hope that helps, Hannah. But once you see a real spike you will not confuse them again!

Orchid flower spike growing too slow! problem or normal?

In nature they sometimes grow on trees, clinging to them and sometimes growing down as shown below. Does it have a drainage hole? I orchid spike growth did this to a fully grown spike — I was beyond frustrated!!!


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