Watering Orchids With Ice Cubes


I like to report new plants as soon as they stop flowering. There is another plant surrounding the orchid. December 26, at 8: If the sphagnum stays wet for more than 5 days orchid ice cube taking some out — too much will keep the roots too wet.

I Just Added Ice To My Orchids For 4 Months ? Update

By letting the orchid sit in water, the spongy velamen soaks up a lot of water, and then roots can use this water for days. I have several other posts about orchid care here: Orchids are very tough plants.

Orchid Care & Ice Cubes :Why You Should Not Use Ice To Water Your Orchids…

That will allow the roots to absorb the moisture they need. It looks like the orchid may be planted in the correct media or something similar to it but there are so many roots it almost looks root bound. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Love your web site, very informative. The problem with orchids in the store is that they have been grown in some warm, humid country. What do you think about using ice cubes to water your orchids? I think orchid sellers use this because it kills orchids, and they really want you to buy new plants every few months. If you appreciate the Oregon Orchid Society and the information on our website, would you consider a donation?

Phalaenopsis are epiphytes which means that in nature they live in trees and not in the ground. Report when flowering is done. The thick root like orchid ice cube you see is mostly velamen. Thank God there is someone speaking sense about orchid care. Want Us to Advertise on Your Website? Do you fill your sink up so that it covers the pot or just let it soak it up from the bottom? You may have heard that the main way people kill orchids is by overwatering them. After 2 years you are orchid ice cube getting a build up of fertilizer salts that have not flushed through with watering. I am still learning to grow orchid ice cube and I honestly thank you for this! Both water and fertilizer are star shape flower up by the roots.

Unfortunately, it is a really stupid idea! I just bought a new one and it looks great but man the leaves are a lot.

Oregon Orchid Society

You are making total sense to me. Why would anyone think they want to be covered with ice water?? This having been said, I hear from a number of readers each month that have had great success from this technique. February 27, at 7:

Watering Phalaenopsis orchids with ice cubes - Settling the matter Part 1

If you make sure the bottom orchid ice cube is soaking in water, the other roots will be moistened by capillarity. It takes a bit of practice to use the lifting technique, but it works very well once you get the hang orchid ice cube things. Large flowered phals, especially the large white ones, will rarely branch out from a flower spike so you might as well cut them right back.


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