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Guys i think there must be a multy-solution. Check sites which focus on gathering WoW data to see maps of the spawn locations. Edited December 11, by Arigatos.

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So in order to farm this you will want to visit each zone where it spawns and visit each spawning point until you find a single lotus, once you find one mark the time down on a piece of paper and move to the next zone. The Black Lotus thing isn't a big issue until Naxx. While I expect no change, the two examples above reduce the stranglehold on the market for a item that eventually becomes mandatory.

Black Lotus

A Black Lotus is a rare herb that can be gathered with Herbalism Elysium is supposed to be offering a blizzlike experience and adding an NPC selling that item. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. This site is a part of Curse, Inc. Lets hope the elysium crew has an idea of how to fix this situation with black lotus and similar items. This herb is unlike any other in that there is only found in a few zones and there is only 1 found in each zone every minutes. It sells best in stacks of 1, 5 and hardly A single Black Lotus herb is worth anywhere from 1 to gold depending on the buyer and reason that they are buying. Third it creates a money sink it will pull 10's of thasounds of G from the economy while not changing anything fundamental about the game itself. First it prevents price gouging and hording.

This over abundance of lotus is part of why servers like Warsong had to super buff raid bosses. It's estimated that the respawn rate is 1 hour, possibly spawning on the hour. Sign In Sign Up. It's the nature of people and yes they can manipulate the other herbs needed but that's harder to do as badly because of the greater availability of them. What u bet the prices will be on the new AH considering the overpopulation? If you are determined to get black lotus, you can do so if roses pearl are willing to level an herbalist and educate yourself on good routes. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. That being said Flask of Supreme power vanilla wow black lotus way too strong for try hard casters to ignore, and is the main drive behind black lotus prices since meter chasers will be popping vanilla wow black lotus even in MC.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. What u bet the prices will be on the new AH considering the overpopulation? Illustrious Grand Master Cataclysm.

But it still remains people will manipulate the price once it hits the AH unless the make them so plentiful that the average herbalist can pick up a stack on their normal herb runs which isn't blizz like. The chance to get a black lotus appears to increase with the monster's level, so chances are higher in places like Skettis , The Steamvault , Serpentshrine Cavern and heroic Coilfang Reservoir instances. Yes so just implementing blizzard's fix to this early would still be bliz like wouldn't it?

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Not total monopoly but they had the timers and they had the most off them in the guildbanks and such. Where to Farm Black Lotus. Sign In Sign Up. How to adjust for population difference?


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