10 Interesting Facts About Strawberries


Especially when picked green or unripe. Read on and enjoy a range of interesting information all about strawberries! California produces 75 percent of strawberry crops in strawberry facts U. The French began taking the strawberry from the forest to their gardens for harvest in strawberry facts 14th century.

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Strawberries can also be pickled. The delicate strawberries are still harvested by hand. Chefs are using immature strawberries both fresh and pickled, in everything from salads to cakes.

14 Things You Didnít Know About Strawberries

Strawberries survive in a range of conditions and will grow happily in most places around the world. Strawberries are eaten either fresh or in such prepared foods as preserves, fruit juice, pies, ice cream s, milkshakes and chocolates. There are 33 calories in grams 3. Check out our fun strawberry facts for kids. Belgium has a museum dedicated to strawberries. The productive engine of a strawberry plant is contained within the crown. The French began taking the strawberry from the forest to their gardens for harvest in the 14th century. Strawberries are some of the first fruits to ripen in North and South America where they have been enjoyed by indigenous peoples for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Research suggests that people who load up on strawberries before exercising have greater endurance and burn more calories.

The impressive polyphenolic and antioxidant content of strawberries make them good for improving the immune system, strawberry facts against various types of cancers and for reducing the signs of premature aging. According to the U. In Greecestrawberries are usually sprinkled with sugar and then dipped in Strawberry facts, a famous brandyand served as a dessert. Strawberries are among the most beloved of fruits. June-bearingwhich produce the most flavorful berries; everbearingwhich typically provide two main crops each year; and day neutralwhich flower and fruit consistently throughout the summer. Strawberries are members of the rose family. Sign up for flower vase target best of Food Republic, strawberry facts to your inbox Strawberry facts and Thursday. Strawberries are the only fruit that wear their seeds on the outside.

In a study, more than half of nine-year-olds picked strawberries as their favorite fruit. Strawberries are picked with part of the stem still attached.

Interesting facts about strawberries

The seeds can grow to make new plants, but most strawberry plants instead reproduce by runners. It is from this region that strawberry plants produce both runners stolons and flowering fruit stalks that eventually yield strawberries. Strawberries are the only fruit that wear their seeds on the outside.

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You may also like. Americans eat an average of three-and-a-half pounds of fresh strawberries each strawberry facts year. Strawberry plants decline in quality and production after a few years so are typically replanted. Strawberry facts are eaten in a number of different ways including fresh, dried, as a jam, in a drink or even in a muesli bar.


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