Why Are My Snake Plant Leaves Falling Over? How To Prune & Propagate.


Tall snake plant here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. If you take leaf cuttings of S. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This is where I celebrate all things garden and share my passion for plants, flowers and the great outdoors. I think I loved it too much ……now Ive got two big tall snake plant ones and a smaller one.

Snake plant leaves falling over

Terry, I live in a totally different climate than you — the Arizona desert. Be warned that If you try and propagate S. How tall are they by now?

Sansevieria AKA Snake Plant: How to Care for this Diehard Houseplant

I now live in Tucson, Arizona where I have them growing in my home along with some in pots outside in the bright shade. Yes, the rhizomes and roots are that tough. Hi Yazzi — You can remove them if they have enough roots forming. So eventually your beautifully sculptured plait will look out of place surrounded by untrained natural growth. When it comes to feeding a standard cactus or all purpose fertiliser during the Summer months is perfect. Should I cut them and if so, how low should I go? I think this is about 3 yrs in the same pot when I took this pic. I think I watered when I put them in the new pot. With absolutely no where left to grow you might get the plant trying to propagate itself by seed, i. You may also have luck with leaf cuttings; cut 2 - 3 inch of leaf from a mature leaf and after waiting a day for the edges to dry, push the cuttings about 1 inch into a compost mix you must plant it the right way up i.

Please excuse the spent paperwhites and other junk. Below is an image the adult plants have a similar problem on the tips of the small leaves from. A couple of sources say they can kill them, but for that, I imagine your pet would have to ingest quite a bit. I have lots of Sansevierias planted on the ground and they are really easy to care for. I see no growth. Often tall snake plant taller leaves will bend as they grow due to weight. I think about 5 ft. As the plant has grown, the leaves have been plaited together. I think this is about 3 tall snake plant in the same pot when I took this pic.

One of my S trifasciata laurentii has a leaf which is 41 inches high. You can them propagate that leaf.

Sansevieria (Snake Plant / Mother-in-Law's Tongue)

The tallest there--about to reach the ceiling is 51 inches. With absolutely no where left to grow you might get the plant trying to propagate itself by seed, i. Some leaves are quite mushy and falling over. Fortunately it's very rare and none of the Our House Plants.

Snake Plant Care: How to Grow The "Mother In Law's Tongue"!

When I moved, it got this window and grew enough that I thought it may break the pot Tall snake plant repotted tall snake plant it bloomed and took off growing! You also need to nick the top off some of the leaves which prevents it growing upwards. Tough though Sansevieria is, it will suffer with very cold Winter temperatures. Lin Sebastian, Florida Zone 10a plantladylin Feb 1, 2:


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