Plants that Grow without Sunlight | 17 Best Plants to Grow Indoors


My office has no windows at all do you know of any plants that can survive without any natural sunlight? I will be grateful if you can guide how to make it bloom? Plants that grow without sunlight this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. What about air plants? Where I live we get a bit of frost in the winter so I either cover them or bring them in.

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The information is very useful. Best Low Maintenance Houseplants. I will be grateful if you can guide how to make it bloom? The Zamioculcas Zamifolia ZZ Plant is perfect for your office, it really requires no natural life to grow. As in…,just fluorescent light?

When healthy and happy they will bloom heavily in the fall with lovely tiny pink or white flowers that will also make bees happy. No windows in my office. I have the Bromelaids. If you include a fish, you will have to clean it weekly and feed it every couple of days. Where I live we get a bit of frost in the winter so I either cover them or bring them in. It prefers frequent watering watering should be done according to the light condition and temperature and slightly moist soil. No problem as long as you remember to check water levels more frequently. Let the soil dry out before watering spells. I had one that grew quite large…it was in a corner of my apartment that had no natural light at all, just a small lamp it could have received light from.

Umbrella palm is an evergreen plants that grow without sunlight plant, best grown indoors or in shady and a boggy spot in the garden. I think a little shade seems to be better. Even leaves are becoming small n no flowers it was good earlier. Peperomia likes slightly moist soil and humidity but watering should be reduced in winter. My home is dark and they plants that grow without sunlight wither and the leave drop off. Its graceful green foliage striped with cream color looks beautiful in hanging baskets and pots, it can be kept on windowsills or near the entrance of home as it likes indirect sunlight. Be careful not to overwater creeping fig. Please advise me what can I do to make the plant healthy. It also cleans up the air.

Any suggestions for correction? I give them a little bit of liquid fertilizer once only in the summer.

When you are looking for such plants choose ones that are known for their ability to grow in indirect sunlight. Its ability to tolerate darkness is amazing. Dracaena is a beautiful houseplant that you can grow at home. Late Spring until Nov.

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They cannot grow without light and as you have experienced they will wither and die. Dracenea, philodendron, and golden pothos are all toxic as well, and for some reason very enticing to cats. It also cleans up the air. Excellent climber, you can grow it even in bathroom, kitchen or living room.


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