Article: Have you seen a drama as sensual as Money Flower recently?


This is your most exquisite review to money flower. That said, I did feel like Pil Joo and Mo Hyun shared pretty good chemistry, and there were certain scenes where I thought their chemistry was excellent. To money flower their own destiny. Beez February 5, at 8:

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But in this episode, we see that it was Pil Joo who shot the rifle. Aw, thanks for your kind words Timescout! Ok now I want a dance drama with Jang Hyuk lol. And when he wore his cheerful carefree expression, it was completely light. This site uses cookies.

Review: Money Flower

People do almost anything to protect the money they have and they turn into complete maniacs when they see a tiny loss. Episodes Restricted Access Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. Cherrie May 13, at 9: In earlier episodes Mo Hyun has the chance to select Pil Joo or Boo Cheon she made the blunder and the greatest mistake of her life by selecting Boo Cheon especially Pil Joo have many occassions showed up for example at her scuba diving class to show his concern on her well being but rejected outright by Mo Hyun that she is not interested to see Pil Joo! Awww, thank you my dear! You really do help to color my drama world. From the execution of the screenwriting to the acting …. The next generation of leading actors is great! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The rest will come with age and maturity, that will add gravitas to his roles.

This is not a type of drama I usually watch… but Money Flower sucked me in and I was glued to the screen from the first episode till the last one. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Interesting characters brought to life by excellent actors; a compelling backstory; great pacing; assured handling; immersive, consuming music. Lady G tweeted money flower same. There is smolder in his gaze, and amazon prime flowers oozes confidence and charisma. Email required Address never made public. Oh but of course! Yes there are many parties with vested parties influencing her but ultimately Mo Hyun makes money flower own final decision and she must be responsible for it. Money flower Fennell March 20, at Then later, it was HIS house and secret bat cave that got burned!!

And ultimately those around him. Will his scheme succeed? Holy cow this was really good!

Money Flower

Well, Ill continue the idea. After all that has happened, it feels inappropriate to paint a picture of togetherness for Pil Joo and Mo Hyun. I didn't love all of it, but the emotional resonance that he and Jang Na Ra brought to the OTP did a lot to sweeten my watch experience. It is short, but sweeeeeett!


Which is why I'm really money flower to have loved Money Flower. At all times, and in all things, Pil Joo shows a great deal of restraint and control. My word, the music was absolutely one of the Money flower of this drama. It kinda like a new beginning.


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