What to Send Instead of Flowers


She put the dried flowers into cellophane bags and distributed them to our family to funeral gift as potpourri. When our son passed a dear friend came over before the funeral and took our cars to be washed and filled with gas…such a thoughtful gesture. Thank you so much for the ideas. This is why food and flowers, stamps and practical funeral gift are perfect in my mind.

Presentation of Gifts and Offertory

I agree many people just want to avoid grief and those grieving, which then makes the griever feels all the more alone. My husband was killed November 18, so of course with our five kids and other family and friends our home was filled with people for days. I think the most important take away is to consider the family and what they will find most comforting and supportive. Teena December 18, at

10 Caring and Creative Sympathy Gifts

I like the idea of giving something to the children affected by the death or some service. If you want to bring food, consider bringing that first meal. Eleanor Haley July 2, at Instead we received a pile of cards. We used every single one. My daughter 27 just passed away a few weeks ago after a chronic illness. You could offer to clean their home, but keep in mind that many people are self-conscious about their mess and would rather have a stranger do this than a friend. Lisa February 28, at 7: I just realized that part when you mentioned giving flowers at a funeral.

After all of the shock and sadness I had been through, seeing all of that beauty in that momentand the way I funeral gift when I saw all of the beautiful flowers has stayed with me all these years. We forget in our society how grieving impacts us. I think the most important take away is to consider the family and what they will find most comforting and supportive. When my father died before daylight one morning, I called the office to report that I would not be hello gorgeous that day due to his death. Albuquerque flower delivery have also always lit a candle in memory of loved ones who have passed. Even if this is not the case, taking care of those things can be an unnecessary stress on the family. One gesture we have seen and found incredibly meaningful funeral gift organizing friends to compile a book of letters. Food is funeral gift tricky one, though it is a common gesture sent funeral gift of flowers or in addition to flowers! A good standby if you really want to funeral gift with food may be a gift card to a local restaurant or carry out.

Funeral Flowers July 15, at 1: Frankly, I find it depressing…..

One of the family friends brought a bag filled with paper plates, plastic silverware, napkins, paper towels and toilet paper. We live in England you see and we are a nation of tea drinkers! This is something I always wanted to do concerning my own losses.

5 Sympathy gift ideas + gestures!

Sometimes people just zone out because grief is such a hard thing to be present with. Additionally, her elder siblings took care of the arrangements and were on hand for family and friends that called. Though one of the first questions funeral gift will ask after a loss is how the children who were affected are doing, children are rarely considered when thinking of things that can be given to a funeral gift.


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