Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Tree


We were going to get a pre-lit tree but the lights only had a 2 year life and what are you going to do when the lights don't work? It's my first expensive tree and douglas fir christmas tree is fantastic in every way. This is a great artificial tree. Here's what you need to consider: Your form has expired due to 30 minutes of inactivity.

Singing Douglas Fir (Christmas tree)

See all Christmas Tree programs. Outlets are conveniently embedded in the trunk — add as many lights as you wish. For more detailed shipping information, including information about shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada and estimated arrival times for Standard shipping in the contiguous U.

Royal Douglas Fir

Plantation trees are normally sheared and will produce a crop within 7 to over 10 years depending upon the site and growing area. Fraser fir continues to increase in popularity for good reason. Silver Berry Picks Silver Berry 12 picks 26 in. Each bulb features classic glass casings and commercial-grade filaments so they last at least hours. The trees have a pleasant scent and needle retention is excellent. Great tree and it feels real enough. Want to find a Christmas tree farm near you? It grows under a wide variety of environments from extremely dry, low elevation sites to moist sites. It has more lights than most and no white lights on the tree which is what I wanted. Fraser fir has blue-green needles with silvery undersides.

Another real tree option. Each tip is gradually tapered with gently curved needles. Nationally, it remains one of the most popular Christmas trees species. Sturdy, douglas fir christmas tree tips with thick verdant needles and light brown and gold stems. Scots pines are dense trees with dark-green needles. For more information, visit http: This is an awesome tree. I look forward to getting it out next

During the following 40 years, nearly all trees were harvested from forest lands. I was fortunate that it was OK.

Durango Douglas Fir™ Wide Tree

I'm so glad I ordered it!!! Canaan fir does combine many of the characteristics of balsam fir with better needle retention of Fraser fir. The first time you assemble and shape your tree will require the most shaping to give the tree its full lush appearance.

Singing Douglas Fir (Christmas tree)

Balsam fir has long been a preferred species for many consumers because of its strong Christmas tree scent. I am impressed with the fullness, shape and beauty of this tree. I was fortunate that it was OK. Try an exotic species this year.


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