No Place Like Home

It’s easier for me to get my head around the energy of Colin being sucked up into the powerful wonder of nature. Standing at the top of Ben A’an on our wedding anniversary, on ‘our hill’ and the place where his ashes are scattered, amongst the swirling, misty clouds, it wasn’t hard to feel him close to me. A whisper in the wind brought back another time. A time when a chilly September sun shone upon us as we sheltered from the gusty wind behind some rocks, eating ham sandwiches, swigging diet coke and reading our books while watching the other hill climbers take in the view we’d already soaked up before settling down to lie shoulder to shoulder. Aptly Col was reading Nigel Tranter and of course it was a ridiculously large book to have had in our already stappit rucksack…but that was ‘just him’. Now back in 2014, standing there on our sixth wedding anniversary, with Cameron a wee bit off because he’s giving me some space to just be, I could imagine col’s voice as a posh whisper in the misty swirl just saying, ‘I’m here, I’ll always be here sweetheart’. The view that greeted Cameron and I was non existent Continue reading “No Place Like Home”