Changing The Future

I didn’t cry when I heard about Peaches Geldof. I felt numb. Then sick. Then I let my head try to think what each person who has lost her was feeling. That utter disbelief that someone so ‘there’ and ‘alive’ one minute has just been sucked out of your reality. And then I thought about how she lost her mum and how her children have lost her. How it was all so sick and out of the natural order of life. Then I just kept thinking about her poor husband and I thought more and more about that massive hole he will feel, the weight of the future, the disbelief that all he had is now in the past…and the big questions he’ll start asking himself like ‘how in the blazes do you manage to bring up your children and not let this huge life changing thing become their cross and alter their path just like it is altering you beyond recognition with every breath you take after ‘they’ve gone’…anyways, this post by Ben on his amazing blog lifeasawidower says it all so much better.


2 Replies to “Changing The Future”

  1. I just feel so sad for this family now. Each day you have to deal with your own feelings but be there for everyone to keep that face on u r coping but inside is a different story breavement how do you ever deal with it x x

  2. Having lost my beloved husband, I know only too well the agony of grief. When Bob Geldof said that the death of his beloved daughter Peaches left her family beyond pain, I empathised so much with how he and they felt and thought what an apt description his words “beyond pain” were of the awful emptiness of loss. The terrifying acknowledgment in one’s heart and mind that the loss of your beloved spouse will never heal and that the awful depths of despair that you feel now will never get better is truly beyond pain. Ordinary pain goes away eventually, or can be eased with medication, but the loss of a beloved person is there for ever and so is indeed, as Sir Bob said, beyond pain. Waking up in the morning knowing that the day will be just as bad as the previous day, and all the days before that since the awful day, is the reality of grief.

    No amount of physical pain can ever compare with the mental and emotional pain and agony of grief.

    My heartfelt sympathy goes to Peaches’ young husband and sons and to Sir Bob and his other daughters who have experienced so much pain already.

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