Fungus, fun and footwear – that’s what little girls are made of

The sun is shining. I’ve just done a lovely run. And my head was making me giggle internally as I trotted around a glorious Edinburgh. It’s the girls. Everyday I see little things that make it quite clear these are the offspring of myself and Col. There is no mistaking it. So as I ran I was making a list of what these lucky (hmmmm) little girls have inherited from their parents. The people in the cars doing their morning commute may have been wondering what was making me grin so inanely as I ran. Ach well.  Here are the lists.


Colin’s Legacy

  • Fungal infections (Evie has a rampaging case of ringworm on her back just like Col used to get on his hairy torso)
  • Open mouthed guffawing (Isla has her dad’s smile and laugh)
  • Nonchalent pant rummaging (Evie loves to stand with her hand down the back of her trousers while holding a conversation)
  • Teasing (Isla has her daddy’s wicked sense of fun)
  • Big brown eyes (both girls have Col’s gorgeous, soulful eyes – I love it)
  • Singing (Evie is an enthusiastic if a little tuneless in her efforts, just like Col was, but what I adore most is that when not sure of the words in a song she makes them up. Ah I remember so well car journeys while Col belted out random lyrics to MOR classics from Phil Collins and the like )
  • Reading (Isla is a voracious reader. Five books before bedtime is a record. Her dad used to have a similar appetite for reading and could get through five or six dense novels on a week’s holiday)

My Legacy

  • Tantrums (both girls can throw a fabulous strop just like their mum)
  • Dramatic tendencies (Evie doesn’t get a graze or a bruise without demanding a trip to the hospital. Col used to joke that I had a hotline to my own personal advisor at NHS Direct – he called her Maggie for some reason)
  • Love of shoes (Isla can’t get enough of them)
  • Competitive spirit (Evie has to be the winner. This actually comes from both Col and I but Col was a better loser than I was and unfortunatley Evie has taken after me. She’s not in the least gracious when it comes to losing. Where did she get that foot stamping, door slamming behaviour from??????)

These are just a few of the elements I see in Evie and Isla that prove the girls are mix of Col and I. They’ve got the best and the worst of us both. And it makes me laugh except perhaps when I am faced with all my worst traits coming back at me in a perfect storm of pre-schooler naughtiness. Now what’s lovely though is there are a few Cameron-isms coming through amongst the Colin-isms and Nicola-isms. It’s early days but I love that Isla makes kissy kissy sounds when she sees a doggy just like Cameron does. And Evie has a smiliar way of answering a simple question in a confusing way like Cameron. It’s difficult to explain but suffice to say ‘Yes I don’t’  as a response is annoying yet endearing…Hmmm. No doubt more Cameron characteristics will creep in amongst mine and Col’s within Evie and Isla giving another edge to their personalities. Sweet.





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