For Two Good Men

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 15.50.30Excitement and nervousness as I near what would have been Colin’s 40th birthday. His friends and my family are beginning to gather in Edinburgh complete with our numerous training injuries for the Edinburgh Half Marathon on Sunday. I’ve booked a private dining area so if we are all still able to move then we are going to toast Colin and our efforts for the British Heart Foundation that evening. It will be all the more poignant because as a group of friends we have just lost another lovely man too young and too soon last weekend. So it will be cheers to you Neil and Colin on Sunday. We love you and miss you both and we wish you were here to laugh at our ageing bodies as we steer them around what is set to be a very windy city come the weekend.
For more information please check out my feature in Edinburgh’s Evening News.

3 Replies to “For Two Good Men”

  1. My Dear Nicola ,
    Thoughts and much love with you all this w/e and especailly tomorrow as you all get out on that marathon 🙂 Tons and tons of lvoe Auntie Sue

  2. Was thinking of you today as I read my friends status updates on the half marathon. I hope it’s been a day with marginally more ups than downs (emotionally, not physical of course!) Who would have thought we’d all be glad the weather wasn’t as ‘hot’ as Saturday – in this city, ha! Feel proud, lady.

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