The Other Colin

After Colin’s funeral a former client of his came over to speak to me. He was keen to tell me that Colin had changed his life for the better. Colin had helped stop his ex-wife from removing his two children from the UK and this man was eternally grateful to my dead husband for that. I am eternally grateful to that man for showing me a different side to Col on that very difficult day. To me Colin just so happened to be a divorce lawyer. His life outside of our family life was just that, outside. I didn’t think much of it. I certainly never pondered how my bumbling husband could alter the path of someone’s life. I thought he simply sent lots of letters arguing over whose was what and went to court every so often to argue in person via expensive barristers. Colin didn’t think he was very good at what he did. I used to tell him that was a sure sign that he was. My view is that if you permanently think you’re going to be found out, that somehow you’ve got to where you are and no one has noticed yet that you’re a bit of a fraud, then you work doubly hard to avoid the big reveal that uncovers you. People that think they are great at what they do are usually complacent. Col was not complacent it seems. It was not only this kind man who spoke to me after Col’s memorial service that thought so highly of him. I received beautiful letters from barristers, clients and colleagues who all thought the same. One day I will read them all again. In the meantime many of those same people who I don’t know but knew this other Col that I didn’t have been sponsoring my run for Col and I am amazed at their generosity. Overwhelmed actually. They’ve never met me, but on the strength of knowing Col in this other life he led, they have been moved enough to help me fundraise in his name. With these donations and so many others from friends, families and my blog’s followers I have raised over £4000 in Colin’s memory for the British Heart Foundation and I can’t thank you all enough. Let’s hope that my stress fracture in my ankle allows me to get round and I do my wonderful husband proud.

One Reply to “The Other Colin”

  1. Hi, Colin was my solicitor back in 2004 to 2007, I have recently had to get back in touch with PHB over a share matter. I was completely floored to hear that he had died. He was my rock when at times things were very very difficult. He was a very good solicitor and more importantly a very good listener. Rather than working today I have been reading your blog it has made me laugh and cry. It seams odd to have enjoyed reading your journey through grief, there is a book in there I’m sure but it is brave and something you needed to do. I am incredibly sorry for your loss but I wanted to drop you a line just to say that I wish you every happiness for the future

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