First Words

When Evie was a baby Col and I had a competition about who’s name she would call out first. He would sit there just repeating Dada Dada Dada at her at every opportunity with a glint in his eye. I didn’t realise until some time later that I was fighting a losing battle anyway as almost every child says Dada first. And Colin knew it. He’d googled it and it’s something to do with ‘d’ being an easier consonant to say but could also be nature’s way of making the parent who did not pop the baby out in the first place feel even more attached. Anyway, much to our amusement Evie’s first word was neither Mama or Dada and really wasn’t a word. ‘Abu’ was applied indiscriminitly to both of us and became our name for her.
What’s gutting now he’s gone though is that Colin’s second daughter is very much a Daddy fan. Her first words have been bubble, ball and bot bot but her new favourite this week is Daddy. Not Dada but Daddy. It’s so clear and heart wrenching every single time. And everything and everyone is Daddy. Pictures on the wall and people who come and go all get the same thing –  a finger point and a, clear as a bell, ‘Daddy’. It’s not like we have that many daddies in our lives but I suppose she does hear it. From me to Evie and her about their daddy, from me to my dad, from her cousin’s to their dads, from the TV and from books. Maybe I shouldn’t think about it too much. Embrace it. I have been trying. So when she pointed at the black jazz trumpeter on the strange mural in my kitchen and said, ‘daddy’ I snorted with laughter and got up and got a pic of Col to show her who her actual Daddy is. I will keep on going with this process. Because after two hours listening to a perpetual ‘Daddy’ from the back of the car yesterday I am a little over it. I can almost hear Col laughing at the absurdity of it. When the two of us competed over Evie and her first Dada and Mama he used to tell me that he wouldn’t have to do much to earn it and that no matter how many nappies I changed or how many baths or feeds he missed out on it would still be ‘Dada’ that came first….well now he’s got that a little too right. He didn’t get too many nappy changes or feeds in in those nine weeks with Isla and yet his mini me is a massive fan. Oh Col you’d adore her right back.Image

8 Replies to “First Words”

  1. Bless you, wherever your darling hubby is watching from believe me I bet he has the biggest grin ever, I came across my own challenge last week since the passing ofmy hubby in 2012 while over the park a angry man kicked our much loved dog. It was a source of amusement that Darren could not get me to argue but he would have been proud of me for sticking up for our dog dexter I was like a crazy woman & I can only imagine Darren’s face up there watching me. But he wouldn’t have been surprised at the big cry I had afterwards. Big hug to you & your girls x

  2. She’s beautiful. I’m sure your Col will be smiling down at you all. It must be painful reaching these milestones on your own? I remember when I tried to get my youngest son to say’ Colin’ (also my husbands name – weird coincidence) I would break it down to 2 syllables. He’d say Col, then repeat Lin but when asked to say Colin he’d say ‘daddy’! Sendings hugs to you and your girls from across the water (Kirkcaldy).

  3. I have a picture of my husband near my daughter’s high chair and I point to it and say “Daddy ” all the time. And then one day I realized it’s right next to this Gears of War statue that he had. And I thought, uh oh, what if she thinks the GoW statue is Daddy? Which I think he would find kind of funny.

  4. Hi Nicola, it’s Anna, (Karen Murray’s friend from Leith Agency). I left you a £20 +Gift Aid donation on your JustGiving page the other night but for some reason it’s come up as anonymous, and I’ve emailed them to change it, but anyway. I just wanted to let you know that my sponsor message was MEANT to say:

    Dearest Nicola, I have NO doubt that you will do this race, despite the torn ligaments. You have been incredibly strong so far and I know you will continue to do so. Sending much love, Anna xx

  5. Hello, I read this post and felt one thing very strongly, your husband is telling you that he is with you and your beautiful girls. I’m really sorry if I am overstepping the mark x

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