Mummy Versus Mini Mummy

It’s official I have one miniature me and one miniature Colin. I am obviously not talking about the girls looks as we can safely say there is hardly an ounce of my genetic code that has gone into that. No, I mean their personality traits. Isla is a tease but generally fairly laidback and easy like Colin was. And Evie is my mini me. She’s hard work, impatient and knows how to put on a good strop. Last night at bedtime she spoke back to me in my own words, words I must have used on her in certain situations (!!!), out they came from her mouth and it was the funniest thing. I can’t even remember what I did to bring it all on, perhaps I turned the tap off at toothbrush time and she had wanted to do it herself or maybe it was that I pressed the squeezy soap down wrong, who knows? But it was an almighty stroppage. There she was in her nightie stamping her foot at me and telling me “not to talk to her like that” and “Mummy, you’re making me angry now, really angry,” and “I just can’t bear it”. I burst out laughing just like Colin used to do to me when I was having a fit over silly things like him telling me how to cook. My reaction when he laughed at me was to get angrier and angrier, and then he would laugh more. It was so frustrating and here I was doing it to my poor, maligned child. Haha. It would go one of two ways with my tantrums and Colin. Either he would make me so angry by looking incredulous at my idiotness and continuing to laugh at me until I eventually saw how ridiculous I was and be unable to launch into my final tirade without laughing along with my twinkling eyed man. Or, which was much more common, I would put on my best Drama Queen act and stomp off, shouting and slamming doors as I went. Then send fuming texts from around the corner or from a different room in the house. Ahaha. Oh God I am so not looking forward to the teenage years with my mini me. Evie, be kind to me. XX

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