3 Replies to “Much Love To ALL”

  1. The photo is lovely and you will get through this. My husband died in bed next to me, leaving me with three children. The eldest was 14, my daughter was 11 and my youngest son was 6. That was 13 years ago. With the help of friends and family we have made a new life for ourselves. I had a ring made using the gold fromAndrew’s wedding ring and the diamonds from my engagement ring and I wear it every day on my right hand. He is with me every day even though I have since remarried. The children are all now grown up. He would be proud of them. It saddens me that he will never know jack, my grandson and any future grandchildren, but we talk about him with love regularly. Hang on in there. You are doing brilliantly.

  2. My 36 wedding anniversary would have been today but I’m now into my second on my own ,this time last year, Mike , had only been dead two months and I was in a haze .As both of us had spent four years fighting a massive debillitating stroke followed by bowel cancer that was thought to be cured but travelled to his lungs and finally found in his brain ,such a great wonderful man totally destroyed and us,as a family , having to sit and watch . the horror of it robs sleep and creates such nightmares that they wake me up terrified

  3. I too became a widow at 34years old and I had a 7yr old son and a 3yr old daughter… it was sudden too !no warning at all …like you said in your article in the daily mail , nobody can really comprehend what that is like until it happens to them… I was really in shock for months and months but when you have kids life carries on.. that was 23 years ago ,thankfully both are doing well, every milestone in their lives is tinged with sadness ,special birthdays, graduations and now my son is getting married this Sept, but all in all they have become strong adults and great achievers through the years.. it’s early days for you, be strong you can get through this , you are not alone…. xx

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