New Beginnings

The new year started with a bump. Or quite a few if you take into account that it began with a bout of the shingles. But I have made a decision to embrace a new future. That started with moving my wedding rings off my wedding finger, partly because it was itchy but partly because I am married to a memory. Colin has gone and I have to forge ahead whatever that means. I need to create a new future for myself and the girls. So I have to make my way forward. Like so many at this time of year that means a spring clean and sort, which is underway, but it also means for me working out what I am going to do. So I need to stop talking about setting up shop here in Edinburgh and create my workspace and start seriously earning a living again.
Watch this space.

3 Replies to “New Beginnings”

  1. Nicola, I stumbled across your blog a while ago and have thought of you and your girls ever since. I may not have lost someone as close to me as you have, but with each blog I have felt an element of your loss and pain. As a mother of 3 young children I can only empathise with the horrific moments you must have gone though and have read many of your blogs with tear-filled eyes. Your honesty has been amazing and your writing is so emotional and heartfelt.

    I am delighted to hear you’re now about to embrace whatever the future brings and wish you and your girls every happiness as you enter this new chapter of your lives. Colin will obviously live on in your hearts and minds forever. He will clearly never be forgotten and will no doubt be smiling down on you now with pride as you take these first steps of a new life.

    I believe you can only truly appreciate light if you have experienced darkness. I pray your future will be exceptionally bright!x

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