Till Death Do Us Part

I went to my first wedding at the weekend. It was lovely to see my friend Heath finally with the man who is quite obviously her soulmate. Lovely. However, it was hard. The Hymn that I had at our wedding was there and it didn’t help that I had chosen it as part of Colin’s memorial service. Then there was lots of mentions in the ceremony about seeing your children’s children grow up. And the inevitable ‘until death do us part’ bit really did me in. Thankfully my good friend had her arm around me at every hard turn.
Col was good fun at weddings. If he wasn’t trying to get every one around him drunk he was doing a good job on himself. We have been to some memorable (sort of) weddings in our time and  some neither of us remember much of. There is the one where I turned nasty on too much white wine, the one where he turned petulant on too much red. The one where I worried where he was post midnight (in a black cab up a country lane verge with drunken black cab driver fellow guest), the one where we knew no one so both found ourselves hilarious because of the red and white wine intake, the one where we ended up sharing a room with Col’s best friend and his wife and all not really remembering getting there..the stories are endless and all silly.
I missed him so much on Saturday. Firstly, because he was most pleased Heather (who he thought was an amazing catch) had finally found her man. Secondly, because he would have misbehaved and insisted our almost teetotal table got silly drunk. Thirdly, because it was just so odd being at a very couply event without him. Till death don’t us part Col because that’s the way it is. X

One Reply to “Till Death Do Us Part”

  1. I was widowed 6 years ago at age 26. All my friends are getting married now, and, awful as it is, I still dread receiving the invitations in the mail. It’s the only thing that really upsets me still… not sure why…

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