Daddy’s In London?

I have just returned from a trip to London where I managed some time on Colin’s bench among other nice and some not so nice things. When I picked Evie up from nursery last night she was uber excited and started tumbling over her words as we chatted on the car journey home. ‘Mummy saw Daddy in London?’, she asked. So I explained no Daddy wasn’t in London, he is everywhere, but Mummy did sit on a special seat for Daddy where people can go to feel closer to him again. The back of the car  went quite while she tried to compute this information. Then came: ‘Daddy’s bought Evie a chair? A special one?’. ‘No darling, he didn’t buy it but some people did so that one day you can go there and feel close to Daddy’. ‘So Daddy’s gone. He’s not in London.’
So three days of an emotional rollercoaster end with me weeping silently in the front of our car just wishing I could make this all simpler for her to understand.

2 Replies to “Daddy’s In London?”

  1. My friends husband died suddenly in July last year. Aged 45. They werent fortunate to have children (she miscarried before he died), she also got a bench for him. I go there often and find it very comforting. I have 2 young boys and can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be for you. You and your babies are in my prayers tonight. Take care xx

    1. Karen, thank you for taking time to comment. It means such a lot. Sitting on benches dedicated to special people allows us to take stock I expect. Well that’s one of the emotions I felt. Also, a closeness to someone very special. X

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