Honorary Honour

Today was our niece Natalie Buggy’s christening. I was honoured to be Colin’s stand-in as Godfather. My sister and her husband had discussed several options but realised that if Col were still with us today he would have been the one standing at the front of the church with them. He would have been so honoured to have been asked to be playing such an important role in his little ginger niece’s life.
My sister Jo and her husband Eddie had been wanting a baby for a long while and Col always used to say to me how happy he would be for them if their dream came true. Natalie is our family’s little miracle baby because she was long awaited and there was a wee worry before she was born that there may have been complications with her health. Col asked me throughout Jo’s pregnancy what the news was. He was really worried.
Colin was a man that was not a big fan of kids before he had them. He liked them but just not enough to give up his way of life and his way of holidaying. But then he became a dad and he was the biggest advocate of having children. Once Evie was born he wanted the world to know how wrong he had been. Yes they were a pain, yes they changed the way you lived life and they meant you took different types of holidays but he realised just how much having children gave direction and meaning to your life. He wanted to share that with the world and for the world to go forth and multiply. He was devastated for Jo and Eddie when those complications arose but he was full of admiration that they battled on willing to meet with whatever the future held for them and their little baby-to-be.
When I phoned him one morning in January to tell him that his new niece was born his immediate reaction was to ask if she was OK. I reassured him that she was absolutely fine and totally healthy. He asked again, ‘really, absolutely fine, nothing at all wrong?’. When I said yes, yes she is totally healthy, a little small but beautiful and redhaired he was obviously relieved enough to joke: “Oh dear she’s a ginger.” Bless him.
We all missed him today. He would have been so proud and although I have to say it still feels like I have one limb missing when I attend events like this it was so lovely to gather and feel like he was with us. He was wearing one of his pinstriped suits and looked a little crumpled as always. I wore the dress I wore to his memorial and the earrings he bought me as a wedding gift so it felt like he was right there. Thank you for the feather my love.

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