Modern Family Makes Me Better

Default relaxation for many of us is some sofa and TV watching action. However, when you are stripped of your sofa companion, sitting watching anything is sometimes quite impossible. So for a long while after Col’s death I was limited to Cbeebies’ Mr Tumble and almost non-stop Woolly & Tigs, partly because I couldn’t sit on my now very empty sofa and partly because I couldn’t trust any programmes not to bring up something that would remind me of the worst moments after Colin’s death. Dramas were out and they still so are because lives are too precarious and anyway these are the things Col would have watched with me so it is too weird to not have him there making our own judgements on the way the plot would turn. Specific shows like Downton Abbey have gone off my list completely because they remind me too much of Sunday roasts and PJ evenings with him. This is most annoying as the whole world seems to be talking about it just like we used to.  Soap Operas were too depressing for the depressed. Celebrity chat shows made me want to scream because most of the A-list think they have had it tough and I end up wanted to throw things at the screen.
Now though I must be moving on to a new stage of grief because I am back to watching Emmerdale even through Carl King’s untimely death. I did have to skip through the scene at the morgue though. But the main thing I am managing to watch is Modern Family. I actually laugh outloud at it and I use an episode most evenings to turn my head off before bed. Since I stopped drugging myself into sleep months ago this is a big win. Thank you The Dunphys and thank you Karen for my boxset.

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