Somewhere To Remember Him

With thanks to all at Payne Hicks Beach for your continued support

Colin’s bench appeared in London’s prestigious Lincoln’s Inn Fields today. What an honour. It proves to me that he was a very worthy man, in so many ways. It arrived on the same day that one of his colleagues and best friends Ciao Vicky received an email from a former client of his that enthused about his dedication and said basically that his efforts helped to change her life. She is not the first to say that. Some have said it in person and others have sent it letters or emails. The gist is that while myself and his friends ridiculed him a little for being a fool he was actually calling our bluff. Colin was no fool and when it came to helping people through a very tricky time in their lives – divorce – he was actually rather brilliant and passionate. Yes his career meant it put him off marriage for a while and I had to campaign to get him down the aisle but really he was quite fantastic with people, loyal and fierce with it. It was the perfect combination for what has become a phrase I am now familiar with as it appears in many of the notes I have received – ‘he fought tooth and nail for [me/my children]’. Quite a man and this bench will be a place colleagues, clients, friends and family can go to remember him and remember just why we all feel so sad he is not here.
I haven’t been to the bench but I will soon, on my own the first time so I can simply sit and weep and feel him around me. Then I shall go with friends. And then most importantly I will go on a little London pilgrimage with Evie and Isla. We can visit the wonderful Temple Church where Colin’s beautiful Memorial Service was held (thank you Fiona), we can sit on this bench holding hands while I tell them tales about their intelligent, funny dad and we can hopefully take Colin’s most generous boss Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia up on her offer of taking the girls to the House of Lords for lunch. She simply said to me, several times, they just have to be old enough to keep bums on seats and hold a conversation with her while she tells them all about what Colin meant to the team at Payne Hicks Beach and the clients that he served. It may be some time yet for his daughters to share such an honour but how impressed they will be? Astounded I reckon because I am.

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