WAY forward

Have joined WAY (Widowed And Young…I think) Foundation as part of my determined efforts to move forward. Am a little worried. Have I joined a cult? Just got the literature through and have been contacted on email and all looks normal but please keep an eye on my  movements over the next weeks to make sure I haven’t been brainwashed and have set out to live in the desert and survive on grubs or somesuch. Also, any positive stories about WAY would be welcome.

3 Replies to “WAY forward”

  1. sorry don’t know about this but speaking from experience of joining groups when your in the middle of feeling the world is nasty I can only say it’s positive I found solace in my cancer group as I didn’t have that “oh I’m sorry OMG how do we move onto brighter subjects etc” plus other group members know where or what your going through or on route too – plus they are the only people who can openly laugh at your darken humour and not think your nuts ……
    hope that helps

  2. I joined WAY last December, after my husband died suddenly leaving me with a 5 year old, 2 year old and pregnant with our third son. It really has been a lifeline for me over the past few months. I’ve also met up with some local widows and everyone is so kind and supportive, it is wonderful to have somewhere you can vent openly and not worry about what people think. We all know that everyone grieves differently and has different experiences, we all just try to support each other when we need it. You’ve made a very wise decision and don’t worry I’ve not been brainwashed : ) or at least I don’t think so…….

    1. It is good to hear encouraging support came your way from the Foundation. I am very green behind the ears on this but have signed up for first social activity in about two weeks from now. Will let you know how it goes. Have also joined David Lloyd which is way more of a cult than WAY!

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