As I was lying face down on the rug in my living room weeping this morning ( I kid you not) I thought this is not me. I have not had many days that I have actually cracked in front of the babies. But the 5.15am start, potty training and the crying baby all culminated in a full blown breakdown in my pjs. So not a great start to the week. Evie offered me a cuddle from her and Igglepiggle and I thought ‘get up you fool this is going to hurt her more than you’. So up I got, dusted myself off and played a game of hide and seek, a session of ice cream shop and a few rounds of flying like a butterfly/fairy. Good turnaround because the two of us found it hilarious (Isla was snoozing or I am sure she would have seen it all as true comedic genius also). Tonic.
Our house always used to be filled with giggles. Col used to joke about my not-so-ladylike guffawing. He also said that one of the things that attracted him to me was that I could make him really, really laugh. The feeling was mutual. I think many of Colin’s friends will find it hard to forget his humour and his belly laughs. So while the children are sleeping I thought I would make a quick list of the times Colin and I made each other almost cry with laughter.

Horror Movie Night

At the end of watching 28 Days Later, as the credits rolled, I turned myself briefly into a spluttering, snorting cross-eyed zombie. Colin thought it was so hilarious he reciprocated with his own Zombie impression. Now it is necessary to explain it is not often that I watch a horror. I get uptight and pace the room repeating ‘there is nothing enjoyable about this. Oh dear God…what now. There is nothing enjoyable about films like this’. So when Col took it too far and stayed in his zombie mode for near to an hour I was hysterical and not in a hahah kind of way. I fled his zombie clutches and escaped upstairs to the bathroom. All went quiet. But then suddenly in the small window above the bathroom door there was Col’s zombie face all pressed up against the pane of glass. I was screaming ‘stop being a zombie’ at high pitch so technically this is more a moment in time I laugh about in retrospect rather than at the time. He only stopped when the neighbour knocked on the wall of the flat. That neighbour must have thought we were a pair of wierdos.

Feeding Time at the Zoo

The only way to eat Parma ham in our house was for it to be held high above your head like the trainer holds fish for a performing seal. This was played out many times over the years and it never stopped being funny.

Stone Age Woman

Colin would do his documentary voice while describing my features as if I were a prehistoric discovery just uncovered. ‘Note the speciman’s protruding frontal lobe (he would press his hand over my large forehead as he said this) and look at her deep-set eyes with their simple look to them’…and on and on he would go while I lay as still as I could pretending to be a preserved corpse.

You probably had to be there for all of the above but hey just thinking about these things again have made me smile.

6 Replies to “Laughing”

  1. I remember you telling us about the zombie incident and it’s still hilarious now. It was always obvious to us at work that you and Colin had such a good laugh together. Hope you’ll write another post soon with some more of your funny moments – we’d all love to hear them. Much love x

    1. I think I also shared that a week or so later after watching The Ring I got him back by hiding with the remote and switching the blank TV on to the snowstorm screen just as he walked into the living room. He heard me snorting from the top of the stairs so the fear factor was kind of ruined.

  2. Classic zombie story Nic! I would have been screaming too. I have only ever watched one horror movie – the first Halloween – at Gordon Road. I spent more time outside in the hall than in the Snug. Love and guffaws XXX

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