Evie and Her Daddy

Since Colin died a new routine has developed between Evie and I when she wakes up and goes to sleep each day. I am sure she does it for me to make me feel better but I also think it comforts her. My policy since Col left has been to always talk about him honestly with her. Her ability to talk frankly about her daddy has disarmed a few people in their time visiting us but I love that he is part of our everyday.

Here are our examples of the daily conversations that take place at waking and bedtime.

Evie: Cries to wake up.
I run through and stroke her head.
Me: Hello darling did you have a nice sleep?
Evie (nodding): Nice
Me: Good dreams?
Evie: Yes. Of Daddy.
Me: Oh darling how lovely. Did he give you lots of kisses and cuddles?
Evie: Yes. Lots.

At bedtime we look out the window and up at the sky.
Evie: Daddy’s in the sky
Me: Yes my sweet he is watching you. He loves you a lot.
Evie (blows kisses to the sky )and any of the following can be said:
– Send the fly to daddy cause Evie not like (a fly was buzzing around the room and like her mother she hates all insects)
– Tell Grandad not to go to sky up ladders (my rather unfit father has been up the side of my parents house painting and Evie was not keen on this activity at all)
My mummy misses my Daddy. Want a cuddle?

What can I say but BLESS HER??

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