I used to love Saturdays. If days were colours then Saturdays were always yellow. Full of fun, family and friends. Col died on a Saturday and changed them forever for me. I can’t bear them. Why couldn’t he have died on a rubbish day like a Monday? Damn it.
Saturdays are now something to get through. Days where I have to avoid certain places where perfect families might be. So playgrounds, soft play places, supermarkets are all pretty much no goes. So that leaves hanging out in the house with the babies then.
Here are my Saturday stats so far, and bear in mind that I have been up since 4.57 with Isla.

3 x Mr Tumble episodes watched
7 x Wooly & Tig episodes watched
4 x Fruit pouches administered so I can get other stuff done
3 x Head, shoulders, knees and toes played
3 x Teddybears Picnic listened to (this is an improvement on the 29 times last weekend)
0 x Adults interacted with
3 x nappy changes
1 x Wee accident (Evie is demanding to be toilet trained…oh dear)
3 x Outfits changed
2 x Babies lunchtime napping (hooorah)

Off to listen to Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work on repeat and weep some more. It’s a definite Poor Me kind of day.

2 Replies to “Saturdays”

  1. I completely understand this, my husband died on a Friday (seven weeks ago Friday coming) and I find myself looking at the clock and thinking what we were doing around each hour and then the hour when it happened and the hour following him collapsing when he was being worked on when the world seemed to stop and I didn’t even know where our newborn baby was. I used to love Fridays because we would be so excited about the weekend ahead of us. Thank you again for your blog. It makes me feel sane. Love to you and your beautiful girls. Xx

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