Bad Days

Bad days are the days when you feel like the whole world has what you haven’t. You hate pensioners because they have reached an age that my lovely Colin will never reach. You particularly hate pensioner couples, even the cute ones that hold hands (although they are rarer). You hate smug family updates on Facebook. You hate daddy’s having quality time with their kids. You hate your friends for not fulfilling promises of seeing you but then you know that you’ve not answered their calls so who can blame them. You hate other mother’s who are worrying about weaning, routines etc because you think they don’t know they are born because at least they have husbands that can take turns on early morning waking shifts or who they can phone with worries about weaning, routines etc. In general, you hate the whole world. And those days are bleak.

One Reply to “Bad Days”

  1. Such true words Nicola. I havent lost anyone so dear to me but i am bringing my children up completely on my own and totally relate to the bad days and the happy family Saturdays eeew! Admire what you are doing stay strong for your little ones and be proud of you. Px

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