Instyle Mag Dedication

September 2012 Instyle P159

As Colin died suddenly of SADS, my friend Eilidh Macaskill, who edits Instyle UK, has very sweetly dedicated the September issue’s British Heart Foundation Tunnel of Love feature to Colin. What a star. It’s another thing for the girls’ memory box that I can talk to them about in the years to come.

Once Upon A While Ago…

When I lost Col, our eldest daughter Evie was just 22 months old. Our baby Isla only nine weeks. How to explain to them what has happened? I can’t get my head around it myself so what hope have I. I thought there must be a book out there. There just must be. A friend who lost her dad in her teens pointed me in the direction of  The Heart and The Bottle by Oliver Jeffers and it is wonderful but a little old for a toddler. One night, lying in bed not sleeping (again), I came up with a simple little poem that I now read out to Evie and will do the same with Isla when she is a wee bit older. 

 A Poem From Your Girls:

Once Upon A While Ago…
Someone told my daddy he had to go.
I don’t know where, I don’t know why,
We didn’t even say goodbye.
But once upon a while ago…someone told daddy he had to go.

Now is now and here I am…
Wishing I could hold his hand.
But in my heart he is not far,
He is in the air, he is a star.
But now is now and here I am…still wishing I could hold his hand.

Forever more, and even longer…
My love for Daddy gets ever stronger.
I know that he is near to me,
Wherever I am there he’ll be.
And so it is forever more, and even longer…my love for you my daddy gets ever stronger.

Nicola Campbell