My Birthday

Colly, you never really did work out how and what to buy me for birthdays and Christmases but I so wish you were here so I could be a tiny bit disappointed or completely surprised that you got it right. Instead though my wonderful Lols organised a fabulous birthday of treats. Lunch with her, Jo and Jules followed by a pedi at Chamomile Sanctuary. Without her I think it would have been a duvet day.

Our Anniversary

Geez July. It’s not a great month for getting on through. It’s filled with so many big, fat diary dates that have such significance for us. Today it’s our fourth wedding anniversary or it would have been. Blah. Didn’t know what to do with myself initially so deposited babies with mum and went to bed for the morning. But my sister Jo had a plan to make a good memory out of a bad one. So we went en famille up Corstorphine Hill and picniced then lit lanterns with messages to Colin from me and the girls. Evie called the lanterns balloons and followed them with her eyes until they were tiny specks.

Oops. Bought A House

This is a definite ‘I shouldn’t. But I did’ but the outcome couldn’t be better. One widowed friend rightly told me not to make any major financial decisions in the first 12 months after you’ve lost a partner. She adviced me to read the widow website by Kate Boydell who says the same thing. And I understand why this is usually the oh so right thing to do. I mean suddenly (if your partner planned well) you have a big lump of money…and because life has thrown the biggest curveball ever you begin to think material things mean nothing blah dee blah so what’s wrong with a treat here or there or a holiday to such and such. You could quite easily try to spend your way better. But it doesn’t work like that. Boydell highlights again and again that widows do get into debt so advises trying to get through the first year without frittering away the life insurance cheque. I meant to follow her advice but I saw this house (on a whim) and knew it was our future. It felt like home from the minute we moved in in July and it continues to be so. I know this was right for me and asked lots of close friends and family if they agreed. And as I was trying to spend myself better I probably wouldn’t be able to have afforded it after the first year of this whole new world had passed.
And just look at it (it was in the paper you know)…The Campbell Girls’ New House