Your Birthday Day, Col

Today should have been a blah day but thank God for family and friends. Colin’s five closest friends from uni, his mum Shirley, his cousin Alex and my family joined me on a v hot trek up Ben A’an in the Trossachs. It’s a hill I climbed a few times with Col because he loved sitting at the top reading his book with a great view below him. Also, he loved that it was a quick climb for a whole lot of view.
Thinking about where to scatter your loved ones ashes? Grrr. Yet another thing I just never thought I would have to do quite yet in life. But this was perfect because it is somewhere I clearly remember him loving, it rewards you immediately you get to the top, it will be somewhere I can go with the girls when they are older and it is somewhere I think he would be proud of showing to his friends.

4 Replies to “Your Birthday Day, Col”

  1. Great blog Nicola, I look forward to following your amazing literary skills as you share your heart, life, struggles in order that others can benefit and you can grieve Colins passing in a healing and positive way.

  2. Will get this right. My comments seem to have disappeared leaving the one with a spelling correction. What I had said was that I’ve found your blogs today after reading a leaflet for young widows. I lost my husband 20 weeks ago aged 44. Coincidentally his name was also Colin Campbell and his birthday 28th may! Weird! I will read through blogs, slowly. Trying to make sense of our loss. Colin took his own life leaving our son and I devastated. Apparently I’m coping well.

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